Top 50 Water Blogs

Who's Speaking Up About Water?

Recently, it has been estimated that there is over 500 million blogs on the web. We wondered just how many of those blogs focused on water. Now, while we couldn't access and review every single blog in the world that focused on water, we did our best to find the top 250. Read the full article.

In October 2013, we began our search and set a goal to find and assess about 200 to 250 blogs to determine who's speaking up about water and to compile the inaugural Top 50 Water Blogs 2013 list.

About the Evaluation Method

In this exercise, the evaluation team examined over 250 blogs. From this initial evaluation, we compiled a second round list of 124 blogs. To get to this number, the team created a spreadsheet and evaluated each site on its Alexa rankings, website traffic statistics, online buzz, search authority, frequency of posts, and comments. We used Alexa, Compete, Quantcast, Bizinformation and Urltrends to inform the evaluation.

In the first review of the 124 blogs, we culled the blogs (32 of them) that did not have regular posts within the last 30 days. That left us with 92 blogs. Of these, once again, the team reviewed the stats and culled the list to 55 blogs. From these, we chose the top 50.

Once the final 50 were chosen, an additional evaluation was done to determine the top six blogs in two additional categories: 1) design and brand excellence and 2) content excellence. Here are the results. In addition to this text list, you can also view the full gallery of Top 50 Water Blogs.