Donna Vincent Roa – Savvy, Innovative, and Strategic-Minded

“Donna did an excellent job of creating the new PPIAF brand identity and logo. The process was highly inclusive and resulted in positive feedback of staff and donors alike. It linked to – and also drove – the development of a new strategy that incorporated significant changes to communications and knowledge acquisition, management and dissemination which sets PPIAF up for a successful future – particularly as the strategy resulted in significant new funding for the Trust Fund. I also really appreciated the way she developed the capabilities of team members.” James Close, Climate Group Director of Policy and Finance at World Bank Group 
“Donna is a walking idea-machine. I was fortunate to serve with her on the City of Rockville Environment Commission for a few years and to support her on a publishing project. Donna combines creative vision with strong skills in project planning and execution. With tenacity and an infectiously positive attitude, she moves projects from needs definition, to idea development, to implementation, and through completion. She is the hub of a vast network of creative and business professionals, and brings an uncanny ability to connect with the right people to make things happen. I thoroughly enjoy working with Donna.” David Davis, Former Environment Commissioner, City of Rockville
“Donna Vincent Roa is one of the most professional, savvy, innovative, and strategic-minded partners I’ve ever had good fortune to work with. She has a blended talent of technical and creative expertise that definitely puts her in a league of her own, giving her clients a work product that goes far beyond agreed upon expectations. As a strategic partner on a major government contract, Donna’s insights and direction were instrumental in managing a comprehensive communications and branding campaign for the agency. Relying on her expansive communications experience, coupled with her foresight and creative instinct, Donna provided immeasurable results to the contract. Her research and writing skills are exceptional; her presentation and client interaction capabilities are extraordinary. Her enthusiasm is contagious; her passion is infectious. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. There are a select few who inspire me to work harder, to be smarter, to “do” better, and to evolve as a businesswoman. Donna Vincent Roa is among that inner circle. I consider it the utmost privilege to have worked with her and look forward to identifying future partnership opportunities with her again.” Diana Gardner 
“Donna exemplifies the definition of a successful leader. When I was brought in to work with her team it was evident that this was a group that maintained high standards. Donna’s leadership fostered an environment of innovation. This translated into a team whose goal was not to meet expectations, but to exceed them. Training this team was exciting, and rewarding.Insightful leadership from Donna allowed each person to contribute and play to their strengths. I recommend Donna with the highest praise because she clearly demonstrated that ability to bring out the best in those around her all the while moving the organization forward. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Donna again in the future.” Roxane Papagiannopoulos, President, RMP Media Analysis
“Donna was one of our brightest and most enthusiastic participants in one of our American Speaker Training Camps, and soon became a friend. She is an outstanding communicator, so it is no surprise that her talents range from the excellent oral depiction of business and political concerns to her recent successes in screenwriting fiction for the entertainment field. Whatever the endeavor, Donna always performs above expectations, and can be thoroughly relied upon to do what she says she will do, two traits that are becoming harder and harder to come by. We heartily recommend Donna for any and all ventures that come her way.” Jeanette Henderson, Co-Founder of Podium Master
“Donna offers an amazing array of skills that get the job done right the first time, every time. Her attention to detail and ability to research and gather data, coupled with her unique talent to anticipate and connect the dots make her a vital asset to anyone who seeks leadership and effectiveness.” Dan Coberly, Senior Advisor, National Communications, US Environmental Protection Agency 
“Donna is a wonderful person to work with on a professional and personal level. She is always positive and upbeat even in “crisis” situations. Donna is extremely intelligent and creative. She is able to think out of the box. This combination makes her an excellent person to work with as both a client and on a team.” Tina Cardosi, Owner, TM Design, Inc. 
“Donna is a rare individual. Her knowledge and experience span global communications, singing, and much in between. I met Donna through the International Association of Business Communicators, to which we both belong, in 2003. Donna was a most highly valued senior international industry mentor to many of my graduate students in the Master of Arts (Virtual Communication) at RMIT University, Australia over 4 years. I highly recommend Donna – she is a true professional, who is clearly a world leader in communications and at the same time is ready and willing to contribute to international education for the benefit of upcoming graduates. While I have never met Donna face to face, we have enjoyed a longstanding and successful ‘virtual’ professional relationship. I count myself lucky to know her.” Fiona Peterson, Director Learning and Teaching, School of Creative Media, RMIT University 
“I had the pleasure of working with Donna on her Board of Directors when she was Chapter President of the International Association of Business Communicators in Washington, DC. Donna is an enthusiastic leader who motivates her team to push their limits to achieve new heights. She is a visionary that sets goals and expectations, while never losing sight of the details. Donna has a keen understanding of the value of branding and how building a powerful brand can impact the success of an organization.” Len Johnson, President, Sage Communications