Damned If We Don't - New Water Anthology - Donna Vincent Roa's Chapter

With more than 25 authors who are sharing ways to accelerate change around water, a new anthology called “Damned If We Don’t” aims to educate water professionals and inspire them to take action. 

SACRAMENTO – Donna Vincent Roa, water sector communication expert and managing partner and CEO of Vincent Roa Group, has penned a chapter titled, “Advancing One Water Management with One Water Communication” for Damned If We Don’t! Ideas for Accelerating Change Around Water, a new water anthology by The Water Innovation Project. The book focuses on water-related issues and personal stories from more than 25 different authors who represent a variety of ideas around better managing the industry’s relationship with water.

Roa’s essay highlights the importance of language, industry specific icons, and a standardized color palette for a visually accurate conceptual window into the world of water.

“We need innovative approaches to water management, and these approaches must incorporate strategic communication and enhanced visual communication to create a more water aware public. When the profile of water and water utilities is raised, we all benefit. Communication helps to accelerate positive change and push the boundaries of change,” Roa explains.

Christopher Peacock, founder of the Water Innovation Project and publisher of the book adds that “(w)ith topics that range from climate change to conservation to smart grid enhancements and water innovation, this book is a collection of viewpoints that encourage, inspire and invoke a drive to take action. Water professionals need to see how collaboration and information sharing are the smartest ways that we can save, strengthen and rebuild our fractured water sector.”

Other water experts with essays include Bob Sandford, EPCOR Chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative in support of the United Nations “Water for Life” Decade; Karen Kun, Executive Director of Toronto-based Waterlution; Dave McGimpsey, a Denver-based energy lawyer who has represented water utilities for over 15 years; and Renee M. Kayal, Program Director of Education & Training for the Water Environment Federation and others.

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