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Donna Vincent Roa, a communication specialist, water sector communication expert and Managing Partner at the Vincent Roa Group, comes on The Water Values Podcast for a discussion on the importance and effectiveness of communication using storytelling, visual and symbolic elements, and language to educate and engage the public about water and water utilities. Donna uses her own storytelling in this episode and provides insight on various types of strategic communication.

In This Session, You’ll Learn About:

  • Current water communication and the future of water communication
  • How utility companies are engaging the public with storytelling on important water issues
  • One Water management and One Water communication
  • The development of the Roa Conceptual Model and how to visually communicate about water with language, icons and color for symbolic purposes
  • What some major cities are doing with storytelling around their water projects
  • Other strategies that utilities are using to get communication out and getting social community involvement
  • Why we need to call wastewater – “asset water”
  • Why resource recovery needs the same visibility as recycling
  • The Value of Water book

Resources and Links Mentioned in or Relevant to This Session Include:

Donna Vincent Roa-Water Values Podcast Transcript

The photo used in this post is the resource recovery icon referenced in the interview. The icon is from The Roa Conceptual Model for Water Communication.

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Donna leads high-stakes, social impact organizations and projects. Her track record shows a relentless focus on results and innovative strategies that favorably impact the bottom line, operational efficiency and organizational culture. She is a driver of positive and disruptive change and brand transformations that outperform business objectives. A leader in international development, a champion for social innovation and environmental issues, Donna thrives in organizations that see the world through an environment, water, sustainability, agriculture, public health, and social impact lens.