Water Sector Communication Practice

Water Sector Communication Practice to Assist Government Agencies, Nonprofit Organizations and For-Profit Companies Communicate About Water Usage, Conservation, Policies and Technologies WASHINGTON – January 21, 2014 – Environics Communications, a full-service North American public relations and marketing communication agency, today announced that the firm is launching a Water Sector Communication practice in partnership with noted.. read more →

Today’s guest post is by Paul O’Callaghan, CEO of O2 Environmental and BlueTech Research. A recent CBS 60 Minutes documentary, The Cleantech Crash, featured an apocryphal tale of wasted government funding, failed companies and a recurring message that there are not many safe places left to invest. The vision for a green revolution has not materialized,.. read more →

This week’s guest post is by Peter Prevos, creator of The Invisible Water Utility blog. Father of economics Adam Smith identified the so called diamond-water paradox in the Wealth of Nations. This is the idea that some commodities without value in use, such as diamonds, have a high value in exchange and vice versa, water has.. read more →

​Watch the presentation and listen to the full interview on water communication. Water Online Radio Interviewer: Communication is not something a lot of folks immediately think of when talking about the water industry. Tell us about how communication and water quality are connected. Donna: We need big picture thinking to show how communication can support water.. read more →

Who’s Speaking Up About Water? Recently, it has been estimated that there is over 500 million blogs on the web. We wondered just how many of those blogs focused on water. Now, while we couldn’t access and review every single blog in the world that focused on water, we did our best to find the top.. read more →

At the end of each year, it’s a good time to reflect on what we have accomplished, our friends and blessings, and our goals for the future. I am writing to share my “year in review” news and to offer my sincerest thanks to my clients and to my industry colleagues who refer new clients to.. read more →

Teal Mask on Speaking Up About Water Blog

As sector leaders address major water challenges and impediments that hamper innovation and efficiency-focused strategies, water tech companies throughout the world continue to develop and tee up their disruptive and cutting-edge technologies. Disruptive water technologies are displacing incumbents' technologies and helping companies to create high growth markets within mature markets, above average profit margins, and.. read more →