Purple Pipes | Speaking Up About Water

In recent months, I've been evaluating visual representations of the water cycle, virtual water flows, water scarcity, infographics on the global water footprint, and presentations by senior leaders from water associations and water organizations. I've also been looking at projects involving public outreach and public perceptions regarding recycled water. What I learned in the process.. read more →

The Roa Concepual Model for Water Communication Color Palett

Download The Roa Conceptual Model for Water Communication™ package of materials zip file with the model, the color palette and individual water icons.  I believe that we value what we know. We use scales, models and frameworks to help us understand complex matters and materials. Review the conceptual models and categorization efforts of Daniel Defoe, Charles Darwin, Anders.. read more →

Convergence in Communication Conference | Speaking Up About Water

I attended this jam-packed, day-long event at the Artisphere in Arlington, VA and had access to information-rich sessions and networking with the who’s who of the DC communication community. The event’s focus – emerging trends and disruptive technologies that are creating major shifts in how organizations manage public relations, communication, and public affairs – solidly piqued my interest. Billed as “the.. read more →

USEPA Water Clusters Meeting

EPA Convenes High-Level Water Cluster Leaders Meeting The recent US EPA invite-only, information-packed Water Technology Innovation Cluster Leaders Meeting titled “Successfully Supporting Early-Stage Companies: The Role of Technology Testing” in Cincinnati, OH featured thought-provoking messages about the water industry and insider insights on the water technology testing paradigm. Led by Sally Gutierrez, Director, Environmental Technology Innovation Clusters.. read more →

Internal branding can ignite employee performance, strengthen the profit potential of a water utility, and play a key role in helping utility executives and leaders inform staff of their external-facing expectations. To stimulate employee brand support and organizational change, internal communication and branding efforts should be a direct and constructive expression of the organization’s vision.. read more →

H20:DC - Advocating on Capitol Hill for the Water for the World Act - Donna Vincent Roa

H20:DC – A Different Kind of Conference I really didn't know what to expect when I signed up for the World Vision H20:DC event described as a "different kind of conference, for people who are tired of talking about justice and want to do something." I was drawn in by its emphasis on exchanging ideas with today's leaders.. read more →

On March 22, we will celebrate the United Nations-designated World Water Day. I know I could talk about some simple truths: how water requires energy and energy requires water, how access to clean water supplies is limited and demand is increasing, or how coordinated and innovative policies are needed to safeguard this precious resource. But,.. read more →

As demands on the water sector increase, leaders interested in shaping the future of water management are pushing the notion that water is water, whether its drinking water, stormwater or wastewater. Doing so, according to the experts, encourages “comprehensive thinking, planning and management of our waters on a transformational scale. Pressures to the industry and a.. read more →