Donna Vincent Roa

Donna Vincent Roa is a savvy, IABC-accredited business communicator, certified development project manager, and master strategist and water communication expert who links communication excellence to your bottom line. Businesses hire Donna to re-engineer the way they communicate. She is Who the CEO Calls.™

Donna currently serves as Chief of Party at the Securing Water for Food Technical Assistance Facility and is CEO at Vincent Roa Group, a business communication firm that specializes in environmental communication, with an emphasis on water, energy and sustainability.

She has served in senior communication strategist roles for UNICEF/Sanitation and Water for All, World Bank Water and Sanitation Program, World Bank TerrAfrica, United Nations, USAID-funded projects, USEPA, the US Architect of the Capitol, and USIA/State Department. She was also Sr. Communication Officer at the UN Economic Commission for Africa – Secretariat working directly with the Undersecretary General. She co-authored the global communication strategy for the Special Initiative on Africa and was the brainchild behind The Image of Africa Journalism Project.

She was previously Vice President, Marketing and Communication at BlueTech Research, the premier source of water technology market intelligence and the leading authority on innovative and disruptive water technologies and companies.

Recently, she was Public Affairs Director and Director of Science Communication at USEPA’s Office of Research and Development, where she wrote the award-winning Multi-year Science Communication Strategy and Brand and Visual Identity Guidelines.

She won the Association for Women in Communication-DC Matrix Award for her professional achievements in global communication, and has won numerous IABC Silver Inkwell Awards throughout her career. Donna was also the keynote speaker at the first graduating class of social marketers in Peru, has presented on communication issues at the British Medical Association, and has conducted consumer research for the US Department of Treasury in Almaty, Kazakstan for the first redesign of the $100 bill.

A past president of IABC-DC and a former City of Rockville Environment Commissioner, Donna recently published the book titled: The Value of Water: A Compendium of Essays by Smart CEOs.

She has recently published The Ultimate To Do List When Your Loved One Dies, a 164-page book available on Amazon.com and other online booksellers. The book, which includes a comprehensive to do list in addition to resources and information on green and environmentally-friendly funerals, recently won a finalist award in the Next Generation Indie Books Awards Contest.

Donna has travelled to almost 40 countries for work and play. She is an avid environmental photographer, loves art, and the color teal (see other pages in this website). She makes high-end custom jewelry with stones and silver from around the world. She writes screenplays, participates regularly in the 48-hour Film Project, and will wear face paint if given the chance. She has sung opera in “The Deceits of Memory” Noh drama in Great Britain. She believes that her brief stand-up comedy experience in Hollywood has prepared her for anything life throws her way.