Sometimes you need a second opinion. A fresh perspective from an outsider grounded in business analysis, strategy execution, and results. Donna can help. She works collaboratively with clients, establishes clearly-defined outcomes, and involves client personnel so there’s a transfer of skills.

You get insights that will either save you money or make money. To gain access to a master strategist and high-caliber collaborator with a passion for water, let’s talk. Donna is Managing Partner and CEO of Vincent Roa Group and is affiliated with the Environics Communications national water communication practice.

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    My Process
    My process is simple. I start with a thirty-minute call with you to get familiar with your business objectives, model, pain points, budget, schedule, and the kind of solutions and services you need. If we determine from the call that we are the right fit for each other, I design a results and engagement package based on your priorities. Whether you need 2 days, 3 months, or 1 year, I can help. To gain access to a master strategist and high-caliber collaborator, let’s talk.
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    Concierge Strategic Communication Services and Customized Training
    Gain 24/7 access to Donna for off-site, on-call advisory services, strategic communication counsel, and real-time research and training that addresses your business challenges. These 6 and 12 months packages are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Donna serves a limited number of Concierge Strategic Communication clients to ensure direct access and personalized service.
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    Strategic Counsel and Strategy Development
    Donna functions as your strategic partner, working with you to shape business communication strategies that drive long-term results. She delivers communication roadmaps and integrated communication strategies and conducts the organizational research to support both.
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    Brand Identity and Brand Project Management
    Proper executive positioning, a competitive necessity, affects the reputation of a company. Donna works with the senior leadership of an organization to understand its business strategy and marketplace differentiation, leverage current thought leadership assets, and enhance visibility. She can devise a positioning program for your company.
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    CEO and Executive Positioning
    Proper executive positioning, a competitive necessity, affects the reputation of a company. Donna works with the senior leadership of an organization to understand its business strategy and marketplace differentiation, leverage current thought leadership assets, and enhance visibility. She can devise a positioning program for your company.
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    Water Sector Communication
    Having served in senior leadership positions with global organizations, government agencies, and private firms that focus on water issues, Donna brings a valued and informed water industry perspective and is positioned to deliver holistic and value-based communication counsel and industry-relevant solutions and results.

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    Specialized Consulting for Water Utilities
    Donna provides on-target and relevant communication counsel and tactical recommendations that yield results. She knows the pace and requirements of water utilities and can help you establish or strengthen a communication operation that works in tandem with your utility business priorities and strategic objectives
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    Water Stewardship Strategy Advisor
    Working closely with engineers, scientists and executives responsible for achieving increased water disclosure and reporting, Donna can evaluate your report structure, storybranding impact, and ensure its alignment with your corporate strategies. She can help you showcase your environmental, social and governance achievements and how your company is addressing and managing material water risks and opportunities.
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    CSR Reporting and Sustainability Communication
    Are your communication outputs aligned with CSR activities? Donna helps organizations storybrand CSR accomplishments for a varied stakeholder base.
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    Ten Reasons to Work with Donna
    1. Is an internationally-accredited business communicator and master strategist
    2. Deep experience in the water sector and an expansive network of water professionals
    3. Provides evidence-based advice and solutions based on sound diagnosis and knowledge
    4. Outstanding record of a results-orientation and impacting an organization’s bottom line
    5. Strong creative vision with proven ability to ensure goal achievement with regard to innovation, growth, and impact
    6. A rainmaker with smart ideas who designs value-added programs and policies that strengthen organizational brand, and engage employees, clients, and external groups in support of the brand
    7. Highly effective communicator and multi-award-winning strategist known for translating complex scientific ideas, research and technological advances into clear, influential communication for a variety of print and online communication channels
    8. A social scientist with a well-honed ability to deduce patterns, identify gaps and capitalize on opportunities
    9. Experience in professional virtual relationships and serving on virtual leadership teams throughout the world
    10. Strategic agency partnership with Environics Communications to address comprehensive and larger water sector communication projects and challenges
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Algae Biofuel for Wastewater Treatment
Algae Biofuel for Wastewater Treatment
Over 40 years ago, scientists identified algae's potential as a feedstock for biofuel. Just over ten years ago, the hype about algae and wastewater treatment was greater than the market’s ability to render commercially-viable processes and technologies. While the hype has subsided, there's been an injection of venture capital, private equity, and government grant funding.

Paradigm Shift Needed
Paradigm Shift Needed
Water and wastewater agencies face unprecedented fiscal, aging infrastructure, management, regulatory, weather-related, and other challenges. To adapt and respond, the industry needs a new direction and an expanded set of priorities that includes strategic communication and expanded stakeholder outreach to support transformation and innovation in the water sector.

Good Design Influences
Good Design Influences
Good design can inspire and influence an organization’s reputation, showcase its dynamism, and even affect employee morale. Design can help crack communication challenges and solve messaging problems. However, implementing innovative design projects or launching a new brand necessitates organizational change, and requires discipline, and a willingness to embrace change.


On Thursday, November 6, I attended The Economist’s 2014 World Water Summit, where the world’s leading thinkers on water policy, management, irrigation, technology, economic development, sanitation and hygiene and water-related risks gathered in London to catalyze action in response to the looming global water crisis. Driven by the event theme – Time for Action – speakers.. read more →

Damned If We Don't - New Water Anthology - Donna Vincent Roa's Chapter

With more than 25 authors who are sharing ways to accelerate change around water, a new anthology called “Damned If We Don’t” aims to educate water professionals and inspire them to take action.  SACRAMENTO – Donna Vincent Roa, water sector communication expert and managing partner and CEO of Vincent Roa Group, has penned a chapter titled,.. read more →